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How to Thrive in Small Business (Hint: Be Human)

There is nothing new to sell.

Stuff, services, food, drink--it’s all done.

Sure in tech new things pop up, but, eh, if you’re reading this you aren’t in cutting edge tech.

So how do you thrive when what you offer is sold far and wide?

You do you.

I know. So cliche…..But it’s the ticket.

And so many people get it WRONG.

We look at others who are successful (or appear so) and we try to copy their formula. Our thinking is, if it works for them, it will work for us.

Not true. It works for them. Period.

You need to find what works for you. And the only thing that makes you stand out is what makes you stand out. Make sense?

I used to follow a “marketing guru” who advised all her client to develop “systems” to sell to prospects. Everything was in a neat box, tied with a bow. It was essentially sold as “success on demand.”

Unfotunately, we all want an easy button. We like the idea that we can plug and chug at a “system” and money will all out the other end. Sorry. That isn’t the path to fulfillment or success.

Now that marketing “guru” has completely changed her game. New business name, new branding, new products and a desperate flavor to her own marketing. Sad.

It’s work, friends

While all the other business experts out there are telling you how easy making money is, I’m going to tell you the truth. Doing your jam, showing up real, offering something that matters--It’s work. It’s hard. I cry out of exhaustion and frustration sometimes. It requires self-examination, trying and failing, sleepless nights assessing the finances, swatting away naysayers and nasties.

Each of us has to decide if it’s worth it.

No judgement if the work is overwhelming.

I have started and shut down three thriving businesses in the last 15 years. Each made over six figures. But life circumstances, my own limitations, and a necessity to make my living in other ways turned me down different paths.

Sometimes I beat myself up about that, but when I am honest and realistic I practice self-compassion and accept that I have and will always do my best giving circumstances.

But, hey, work is work.

You can use your smarts and energy to build someone else’s dream or you can build your own with your own shazam.

Your call…..