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Create Something New. You’ll Never Work the Same Way Again

What day is it? How long have we been at home?

Don’t be lulled by these “back to work” state’s are trying to encourage.

Sure, open.

And, be prepared for fewer customers.

Then prepare for a surge in the virus and the need to shut down again.

Your bottom line will be no better than it is today.

I know I sound like Debbie Downer.

Somewhere in the past 50 years Americans have become complacent and dull. We want “things to go back to NORMAL".

That is going to be one long wait.

Instead, create a new way of doing your business.

No one has a crystal ball, but, do you realistically see your business running at 2019 levels any time soon?

Wishful thinking, false optimism isn’t going to pay your bills or bring your employees back to work.

And moping, shaking your fist at the sky mumbling, “It isn’t FAIR..” is not a big money maker move.

Smart businesses are pivoting.

Our government (despite itself) is shifting to a new “normal.”

Case in point…I’m a psychologist for the VA. We are a behemoth agency with all the bureaucracy and frustration that comes with it.

With a mission to support and provide healthcare to all of America’s Veterans, the VA has been ramping up for remote health care for almost a decade. We have HIPAA compliant video platforms that we were trained on a whole year before COVID-19. (And, no, it is not a conspiracy. Video healthcare was originally designed to reach veterans in rural areas and those who travel to VHA facilities is prohibitive due to serious health conditions.)

Now word is, virtual health care will be a big part of the new VA “normal.”

The organization is rolling out virtual, “tele-hubs” nation-wide. Some are solely dedicated to mental health. Some are designed for veterans to call in to request support; some are designed for VA employees to call out and outreach at risk vets who won’t normally access health care.

Mental health professionals who insist on standing ground on face-to-face treatment are going to be out of luck at the VA. This is going to be our new “normal.”

Is virtual care ideal? No. I much prefer to see my clients in person. However, if I have to choose video treatment over no treatment, I’ll take video every time.

Your industry is going to change, too.

You can wait for someone else to invent the “new normal” while you bleed profits and risk going out of business.


You can be an industry leader, create something new, build profit and serve your clients/customers in ways that work for 2020 and beyond.

So, what will it be?

How are you going forward?

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