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Hey there! COVID-19 has upended small business as we knew it. Ready to survive and rebuild a business that's profitable again? Read below or just grab my
FREE "Small Business Survival Guide!"

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My Story

I'm smart, sassy, multi-tasker.

Depending on the day, time or place I am called Mom, Dr. G, or Babe. My work has focused on helping children, families and veterans heal; supporting small business start-ups with solid business plans and innovative marketing strategies. The true theme in my work is supporting people to become 100% Authentic in their life, love and work.

Full disclosure: I work a full time job as a psychologist at a Veteran's Health Administration Medical Center.

Why? To quote the cliche, "Life happened."

 I had two thriving small businesses-one providing behavioral health treatment to children and families, the other coaching small business folks to build profitable business and marketing plans. Then I got divorced, became a single mom, had to get my own health insurance (don't screw around with health insurance). I needed a level of stability running two small businesses didn't allow at the time.

Now I work at the VA and LOVE supporting our brave Veteran's heal from PTSD, depression, anxiety military sexual trauma. It's a job I am honored to hold. 

I'm not leaving my day job. 

So why should you listen to me for business advice? You shouldn't.  Not right off the bat. Make me earn your valuable time. Make me earn your trust. Listen, read, gut-check  my advice.

I've built businesses from the bottom up. No business training, no funding, no mentor parting the waters ahead of me. I made 6 figures working alone, in my home with a little kid running around. And it was a blast.  And, if you're paying attention, you will be watching me build a new business right in front of your eyes (hint, hint).

Now we have COVID-19. It sucks for everyone, but small businesses are hurting. Hard.

For most of you, your business plan has to change up. Your marketing, too. We are not going back to "business as usual" for a long time. 

But now is not the time to fret. It's time to get to work!

I've put together a brief article,

"The Small Business Pandemic Survival Guide."

It's 10 tips on how to pull your business through this really tough, bizarre time. It's free. I don't even want your email in exchange. Honestly, I haven't set up that system yet and I want to get this to as many people as quickly as possible. So have at it. Share it. Use what works for you.

Here we go.....