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Goals Are Specific and Achievable

All sessions provided via telehealth. Our initial session will focus on gathering family history, clarifying diagnoses and setting goals for therapy.

Goals will be very specific and achievable within a reasonable time frame (2-4 months).

I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused interventions, mindfulness, brain-body integration techniques (such as yoga), executive functioning coaching, and parent skills training  to support children and families in reaching their goals.

When we identify clear goals, therapeutic benefits can be gained rather quickly, provided your family does the homework and practice assigned between sessions. We will meet every other week to give you enough time to try new things, practice and assess outcomes of your developing skills.

At the end of our initial session, we will discuss an approximate time-line for treatment. Many families start to see progress after just one session!

I am a firm believer that psychotherapy has a start, a middle and an end. It is goal driven and progress is assessed throughout the process. Many families work with me throughout their child’s development, but take breaks regularly. They work on a goal or two, take a break, then come back to therapy when a new challenge presents itself. The skill development is cumulative. The skills your child learns at age 6 will still be effective when they are 16, they will just adapt to make it age appropriate.

My goal for my child and yours is that they grow into emotionally healthy, independent young adults. Goals are always designed to stretch your child to developmentally-appropriate expectations. Also, if your child does have a diagnosis, I will teach all of you the science and facts about the disorder and we will always engage in evidence-based, research supported interventions that lead to improved functioning.

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