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There is help and there is hope

  • Are you a parent who feels frustrated with your child’s ability to manage their emotions, behave appropriately, or function independently?

  • Does your child struggle with focus, attention, concentration?

  • Do they have challenges in communication or making friends?

  • Is school a chronic source of stress in your family?


I work with families who are struggling with morning routines, bedtime routines, homework routines, attention/focus issues, executive functioning, communication, social skills and mood regulation.

Often the children  I work with have a diagnosis of ADHD, autism, communication disorder, executive dysfunction, anxiety or other neurodevelopmental challenges.

I view all of these issues as family-focused concerns that are best treated with a team-based approach supporting the child, as well as the parents.

Families who benefit from our work together are ready for change, open to new ways of doing things and understand that improving mental health requires focus, effort and patience. An open mind and willingness to try new things make this work effective and successful.

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